what we are

Cyber*Forat is one of those projects which provide free internet access and knowledge for people who want to get into free software. And we are not alone, open access is a concept which is kind of widespread and often realized. You can find similar projects in the link page.

In the modern Barcelona money takes a big place in the society, like in the most "civilized" areas in the world. In Cyber*Forat we try to forget about money and focus on certain needs everybody has. And if it’s just to access your e-mail, Free software is a good point to start with, because it gives you the possibility to run your system without paying an expensive licence to the distributor. That means that you have a "legal" way to use software whithout paying or spending long nights on debugging your own C spaghetti code. :-)

We are running Debian GNU/Linux and we are happy with it. The hardware we use is mostly recycled from different organizations, people, and the trash bins. So if you got any hardware you want to get rid of and which is not so old, please send us a mail.

Cyber*Forat is open to anybody who needs to visit the internet or just to have a talk on the couch (let’s have techy discussions we are not psychiartrists).

We are always looking for people who have tech experiences and want to help in here (send us a mail or just come by). That’s mainly what we are about, have fun on our page and inform yourself.

por RowPaw Fecha:[15 de julio de 2004]